Skimpy Bikini

Most girls want to wear a skimpy bikini that makes them feel sexy and sensual all over. Fortunately, you have thousands of beaches and resorts where you can romp in the skimpiest piece of beachwear all day long. Summer, after all, is the perfect time to get out of your home and travel to the best destinations in the world where you can strut your stuff in your favorite micro bikini and sunbathe your worries away.

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How to wear a skimpy swimsuit

One of the best things you can do when wearing a barely-there two-piece is to have the perfect body to wear it on. If you have the kind of body that you are already comfortable showing off to the world in a skimpy outfit, then flaunt it. But if you still think that your body has some areas that need a little bit of work, then start hitting the gym right now. Experts say the best way to prepare your body for the beach is to start early, five to six months before you actually hit the resort or pool.

skimpy bikini

Confidence is perhaps the most important thing you need before you slip into a pair of slinky beachwear. Those who are not used to wearing sexy pieces of swimwear should definitely start now. A bandeau top with thong swimsuit should be a good start. Confidence can make or break your summer get-up. Even if you have the perfect body but are too shy to show it, it will do you or your skimpy swimwear no good.

skimpy bikini


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How to accentuate your assets while wearing a scanty swimsuit

With the right accessories, you can definitely pull off that hot babe look. Search for baubles and bangles that will complement your skin tone and the color of your outfit. You can also glam it up with a pair of oversized shades. Aside from the fact that this is a stylish accessory, it’ll also protect your peepers from the sun’s harmful rays. Probably the most seductive “accessory” you could have is a sun-kissed complexion. Aside from sunbathing, you can use self-tanning lotion or spray for that bronze-like skin. Make sure that you apply these products properly to avoid looking all orange-y. If you prefer the natural way of getting a gorgeous tan, don’t forget to slather on some sunscreen. Too much UV exposure can lead to premature skin aging. To further protect your lovely complexion while strutting along the sandy shores, you can wear a summer hat.